Power In The Priesthood

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The Latter-day Zion is governed by God through men holding the Melchizedek Priesthood1. The Holy Priesthood is the power of God delegated to men and it’s reach and purpose2 is the most amazing thing in the universe. Outsiders don’t understand it43. Some Priesthood holders don’t understand it43 either. The effect of Priesthood is to delegate authority5 from God through man. That is POWER. To be sure, only a very narrow slice of the divine authority is typically given, and even then with a stern warning6. This POWER can include wielding control over nature7. Enoch8, Elijah9, Moses10, and Jesus11 Himself controlled the forces of nature. The Holy Priesthood has power over disease12, infirmity13, death14, and lucifer15. But the greatest power Continue reading “Power In The Priesthood”