Zion The New Jerusalem

I confess to interpreting Holy Scripture literally. A literal interpretation is my first assumption. When the scriptural intention is be be allegorical, it is usually pretty obvious and stated as such. Some things in scripture are symbolic yet real. Like baptism. It is an ordinance full of symbolism, but you really do get wet.

Joseph Smith had a question and answer session10 with the Lord about the biblical Book of Revelations and he found out that much of what John describes in his vision was real and not only symbolism. The beasts1 in chapter 4 were real. The four and twenty elders2 are real. The angels mentioned are real angels3. The throne of God4 is real.

John describes the New Jerusalem coming down out of heaven in chapter 21. It is real. Of particular interest is the shape and dimensions of the city: Continue reading “Zion The New Jerusalem”