The Purpose of Life

The Purpose of Life

The scriptures indicate that we have always existed natively as “intelligences” and that we are, in that sense, eternal. At some point we were taken and favored by God to have additional capability by gaining a “spirit” and becoming His “sons and daughters”. What the exact powers and advantages are to this step is not yet revealed in detail. What is known is that spirit entities have the ability to move, speak, and act within a certain realm and that the outward appearance of a spirit being resembles that of a mortal being. We are “spiritually created” by God in His image.

The purpose and desire of our existence is to “progress”, to grow in wisdom and experience and in our power to act. The next step required for “progression” is to obtain a physical mortal body for our spiritual bodies to inhabit. Because God is ethically and morally perfect, he has, in His wisdom, granted to us moral agency. We are not ordered about by Him – He is not a dictator. However, we are presented choices in our path of progression. He has given to us our moral agency as an inherent right.

We exercised this agency in the pre-mortal realm as spirits. With two plans of progression laid out for us, we decided to live on the earth with mortal bodies in an environment with both good and evil and with the ongoing ability to choose between the two. That is, two thirds of us made that decision for the plan (call it plan A) that came with Gods personal endorsement. The other one third decided the hardships and risks of mortality were not worth it and chose plan B. Plan B required that we forfeit our moral agency but promised to be an easy path and to provide the benefits of Plan A but without the risks and hardships involved. The prime proponent of Plan A was Jesus and the prime proponent of Plan B was Lucifer. While it sounded good, the Plan B was a lie and a deception and a form of slavery. All of us who are born into mortality saw that Plan B was a lie, believed that it was flawed and explicitly choose Plan A. Having failed in their objective, Plan B proponents were angry and rebellious and were thus exiled from the presence of God. Plan A proponents (us) also leave the presence of God as we are, per Plan A, born into mortality. All these decisions and the eons of time prior to our birth are temporarily forgotten during mortality because of the temporary “veil of forgetfulness” drawn over our minds so we can exercise moral agency in an unbiased manner. However, our character and personality, forged in the pre-mortal existence, never leaves us – and that is what is being tested by the exercise of moral agency in mortality.
In summary:

Plan A

    1. Retain moral agency
    2. Exercise moral agency in mortality – difficulties expected.
    3. Choose Jesus Christ as our Savior.
    4. Return to live in the presence of God our Father.

Plan B

    1. Forfeit moral agency.
    2. Obey Lucifer in mortality – guarantee of no hardship.
    3. Must accept Lucifer as our Savior.
    4. Lucifer becomes our god and we live in his presence.

Having been rejected by God and by us, the Plan B proponents are engaged in doing all in their power to prove they were right by disrupting Plan A. They know that if we individually fail at Plan A then we won’t attain step 4 and perhaps Plan B will triumph after all.

However, Lucifer’s Plan B is a lost cause. The major setback occurred in 33 AD, when Jesus accomplished His atonement, died for our sins and was resurrected. These acts assured Plan A’s ongoing success and guaranteed Plan B’s demise. Hardly any mortals will go for Plan B once they understand it. While he has ultimately failed and is miserable about it, Lucifer can still cause damage and at least temporarily make Plan B slaves out of us and this elevates his own ego and provides a purpose for his existence, which is to bring us under his control. However his time is short. Very short.

Lucifer’s idea that he could defeat the plan of God was foolhardy – he never really had a chance. However, his opposition is a necessary part of step 2 of Plan A which is why God allows opposition by Plan B proponents.

So we see that mortal life is “a set up” and not random at all. We are here enrolled in “Moral Agency School” and are now taking our lessons. We are graded on our performance and if do well we’ll graduate – hopefully with honors. Although we don’t remember, we signed up to attend mortality class and it’s only offered one time.

The purpose of life is not a contest between the forces for evil and good. After all, it is “no contest” when one side has the Supreme Being of the universe on it’s side. No, the purpose of life is for us to make correct moral decisions in an environment balanced between good and evil. This balance between the influences of good and evil, carefully allowed to evolve, includes but is not limited to our earth. It extends also into other spatial dimensions after death.

It is finals week in Gods university. We all agreed to take the test of our own free will. Each test handed out is different and designed just for us. God is the Dean. He has assigned Jesus to teach the class and to grade the papers. At the end, some will graduate and go on to illustrious careers. Others will not. Yet all will have gained a great benefit from the educational experience.

– Jay Mackley

P.S. Since our short earth life is explicitly set up and designed for us, it explains why random unscheduled visits from the intelligent beings on trillions of other planets are not occurring. The universe is not random. Our presence here is carefully planned out and monitored. Any visitors must have an important reason and assignment to come here. In any case, ours is a fallen world. No advanced immortal being would even want to come here just to visit for no reason.

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