The Prime Elective

I call it the PRIME ELECTIVE to choose God over everything else — the decision to follow Jesus Christ with this thought: “When I know His will for sure, I’ll do WHATEVER He wants, regardless of the cost. I trust Him totally.”

When I was a full-time missionary a man once told me “I wouldn’t join your church if Jesus Christ himself told me to!” Many people who would never say it out loud, nevertheless act out the same thought in their daily lives by intentionally giving top priority to their own wisdom. This is pride.

The PRIME ELECTIVE is simple: we set our own limited wisdom aside and follow Christ’s commandments and example regardless of the cost or the apparent external logic of it, like a small child submits to their loving parents. The scriptures express this readiness in several ways: “”being meek and humble”, “loving God”, “having a heart of flesh instead of stone”, “having a contrite spirit”, and “seeking God with all of our mind and strength”. Once we admit we need God and open ourselves to him, with true sincerity, He “manifests” Himself to us and changes our natures and we become “born again” – but only if and when we want it, prepare for it, and volunteer for it. Unfortunately the majority of mankind never make it to this starting point and are thus just not teachable, not ready, not listening.

We can only have 100% faith in a being that is perfect and all-powerful. If we allow that it’s possible for Him make a “mistake” or not have power to act in a given situation, then we can’t have complete faith/trust in Him. Once this premise is accepted then the fallacy of mortals “proving” God to gain faith becomes apparent because the very idea of proving God is an upfront admission that he might not be perfect and all powerful — which is the very thought that destroys faith.

To follow God without reservation is a simple decision and way of living that places our destiny with Him and frees us from doubts and anxiety. Trust in God. Take the PRIME ELECTIVE.

– Jay Mackley

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