Why this Zion blog, Part 1

The purpose of this blog is to talk about Zion and all things LDS which relate to Zion. I intend to write whether I am read or not — because writing helps organize my thoughts to focus on what is important. By “Zion” I mean primarily the City of Zion, the place of gathering and central government, and not just the Zion “in our hearts”. Why Zion, of all things? For many LDS, the belief in Jesus manifests itself primarily as a lifestyle that represents the totality of the Church and belief system and most outside of the LDS Church see us only in the same way – by our lifestyle. However for me directly, church lifestyle and social activities are important, not as an epitome of accomplishment, but rather as a step, a means to an end. Zion is a society where God comes and dwells with us. Where there are sturdy dependable individuals that exhibit no inequity, no injustice, no selfishness and corruption — but rather true love for one another and opportunity to meet our full potentials. We are just not yet ready for that level of Zion society and now live just a slice of the celestial law required for it. So, logically, it’s not where we’re at but where we’re going that counts. But we get there only one small step at a time. Church lifestyle and level of average individual progress, morally and intellectually, was quite different 100 years ago and will be quite different 100 years from now — so keeping a focus on the big picture is ever so important. Sometimes we LDS forget we’re building Zion, for the thousand year reign of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and preparing for a world dramatically different from the one seen today. I think this blog focus has a good doctrinal foundation. Joseph Smith said: “We aught to have the building up of Zion as our greatest object …”. The building up of Zion is why gospel truths and priesthood authority are restored at this time in history, i.e. the “Latter-days”. It is also why God is moving scientific knowledge forward so rapidly.

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